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It's an amazing time for Canadian hip hop. Through the past decade we've seen a handful of successful artists make big waves in the industry, inspiring a new generation of rappers to pick up the mic and see how far they can take it. With the accessibility to studio time, in-home recordings and millions of free online beats, it's not difficult for any individual to live out their rap fantasy. With all that being said, not everyone has what it takes to be the next 6 God. Any true artist who is going to see success in hip hop needs to be in the game for the right reasons. Toronto artist SepTo dives deeps into the everyday live of the emcee with his latest documentary, ANOTHER DECAYING CROWN– TORONTO RAP DOCUMENTARY.

SepTo has been more than influential to the Canadian hip hop scene. With several critically acclaimed projects under his bet, combined with years of performing and touring, SepTo's knowledge of the game is worth it's weight in gold to any emcees who truly aspire to make great art. The Documentary begins in 2015, and follows SepTo as he executes the release of his most renown album, God Mind. We see all the different challenges SepTo goes through on a daily basis, challenges that any emcee who takes their craft seriously can relate to.

One of SepTos main goals is to break the stereotype of what it means to be a quote on quote "rapper." We see many moments where SepTo is not affraid to show himself at his most venerable states. One of the most relatable moments in the documentary is the tour of SepTo's new neighbourhood, where he is one of the only people of colour. There are many pre conceived notions of what the life of a rapper consists of and what their main motivations are. We've all come across rappers filming content on the block at one time or another, and it's easy to assume they are aimlessly capturing moments to post on social media for "likes" and "retweets." Any artist knows that this is not always the case, and the video you've just been witness to across the street could be the next viral video, or even the next hip hop legend in the making. SepTo drives home the idea that not all artists are out here looking for the accolades that come with a rap lifestyle, SepTo, like many other hip hop artists fight daily to tell their story, and let their spirit shine though their 16 bars. It can be a daunting task to have your story be told on the mic and there are a lot of road blocks on the path to achieving this goal. SepTo himself has contemplated putting the mic down several times in the past; but if you truly live this hip hop lifestyle, the music never stops.

SepTo dedicated two years to the creation of ANOTHER DECAYING CROWN– TORONTO RAP DOCUMENTARY, and is a must watch for any hip hop head. The documentary made it's debut at the Toronto Independent Film Festival and is now available to the public. Be sure to check out this work of art, and share your thoughts with us.

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